GA Dept of Health

GA Dept of Health responsible for Georgia state public health system, medical records, and environmental sustainability. GA Dept of Health address is 2 Peachtree St UNIT 5, Atlanta, Georgia 30303, phone number is 866-782-4584. Before calling this DPH Georgia phone numbers, look at the list of phone numbers below for the different health divisions.

GA Dept of Health Phone Number

GA Dept of Health main phone number: (404) 657-2700
24/7 Public Health Emergency Line: 866-782-4584
State Pharmacy Hotline: 404-657-2700

Hours: Monday to Friday, 08:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m. ET

DPH Commissioner Phone Number: 404-657-2700
Legislative Affairs Number: 404-657-2728
Telehealth Number: 404-657-2305
Constituent Services Email Address: [email protected]

Office of Health Indicators for Planning Number: 404-657-2588
Informatics and Data Services: 404-657-2856
Vital Records Office Phone Number: 404-679-4702

Georgia Public Health Laboratory Contact: 404-327-7900
Division of Communications: 404-463-4062
Digital and Web Content Number: 404-657-2591
Media Relations Phone Number: 404-657-2462

Risk Communication & Emergency Preparedness: 404-657-2711

District and County Relations: 404-463-0801
Division of General Counsel: 404-657-2700
Open Records Email Address: [email protected]

Division of Health Promotion: 404-656-9887
Maternal and Child Health Contact: 404-657-2850
Maternal & Child Health Epidemiology Phone Number: 404-657-6448

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Section 404-657-6652
Family Health Phone Numbere: 404-657-2850
Women Infants and Children (WIC): 404-657-2900
Children With Special Needs: 404-657-2726
Babies Can’t Wait Contact: 404-657-2878
Children’s Medical Services Phone: 404-463-3478
High Risk Infant Follow-Up: 404-657-2726
Infant and Child Health: 404-657-4143
Children 1st Line: 404-463-6431
Health Check Line: 404-679-6679
Healthy Child Care Georgia: 404-651-7370
Hearing and Vision Conservation: 404-657-6359
School Health Division: 404-679-6679

SIDS/Other Infant Death Information & Counseling: 404-651-7371
Newborn Screening for Metabolic and Sickle Cell Disorders: 404-657-6357
Universal Newborn Hearing Screening & Intervention: 404-463-2192

Nutrition: 404-657-2884
Oral Health: 404-657-6639
Women’s Health: 404-657-3143
Family Planning: 404-657-3143
Perinatal Health: 404-657-3143
Violence Against Women: 404-657-3143

Men’s Health: 404-657-3143

Division of Health Protection: 404-463-5419
Chronic Disease Prevention and Wellness: 404-657-6606
Adolescent Health & Youth Development: 404-657-2613
Asthma Control Program: 404-657-6604

Cancer State Aid: 404-657-6643
Comprehensive Cancer Control 404-657-6315
Diabetes Prevention and Control Program: 404-657-6636
Drive for Sight Program: 404-657-6636
Rape Prevention and Education Program: 404-657-6607
Tobacco Use Prevention Program: 404-657-0603
Cardiovascular Health: 404-657-6524
SNAP-Ed – Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention: 404-463-2746
Epidemiology: 404-657-2588

After Hours Public Health Emergencies: 866-782-4584
Chronic Disease Epidemiology: 404-657-3103
Notifiable Disease: 404-657-2588

HIV/STD Epidemiology: 1-800-827-9769
Tuberculosis (TB) Epidemiology: 404-657-2634
Health Services Assessment Unit: 404-657-6438
Emergency Preparedness: 404-463-5419

Environmental Health: 404-657-6534
Environmental Services: 404-657-6534
Emergency Medical Services: 770-996-3133

Injury Prevention: 404-679-0500
Chemical Hazards Program: 404-657-6534

HIV Contact: 404-657-3100
STD Contact: 877-783-4374

Tuberculosis 404-657-2634
Immunization Program 404-657-3158

Division of Inspector General: 404-656-4409
Division of Inspector General Email Address: [email protected]

Division of Operations
Projects and Reports: 404-232-7810
Procurement and Contracts: 404-656-4480
Facilities and Support Services: 404-232-1686

The best GA Dept of Health phone number to get to the front of the line is 866-782-4584.

Vaccine Appointment in Georgia

In order to schedule a vaccine appointment in the state of Georgia please click here.

Georgia Immunization Records

Access your Georgia Immunization Records and personal vaccine information by clicking here.

GA Dept of Health Address

GA Dept of Health address for you to send any official mail, documents, complaints, inquiries, and forms is:

Agency: Georgia State Department of Health (DPH Georgia)
2 Peachtree St UNIT 5
GA 30303

GA Dept of Health Fax Number

GA Dept of Health fax number to send official fax messages, documents, complaints, inquiries, and forms is 706-802-5435.

GA Dept of Health Website

GA Dept of Health website, for state health news & updates, public meetings summaries, and additional public health information can be accessed by clicking here.

What does GA Dept of Health do?

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