DC Dept of Health

DC Dept of Health responsible for District of Columbia state public health system, medical records, and environmental sustainability. DC Dept of Health address is 717 14th St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20005, phone number is 202-576-1117. Before calling this HHS Washington DC phone numbers, look at the list of phone numbers below for the different health divisions.

DC Dept of Health Phone Number

DC Dept of Health main phone number: 202-576-1117
TTY:    711

DC Health Press & Public Relations: (202) 442-9194
Health Care Facilities (New Applications):(877) 672-2174
Health Professional Loan Repayment Program: (202) 442-9168
New Licensing Application: (877) 672-2174 
Licensing Board: (202 724-4900 
National Health Services Corp: (202) 442-9168
Pharmaceutical Control: (877) 672-2174
Medically Underserved Areas: (202) 442-5892
Birth and Death Certificates: (202) 442-9303

HIV/AIDS: (202) 671-4900
HIV/AIDS (Weekends and after hours): 311

Pregnancy Services: 1-800-MOM-BABY

Food Safety Phone Number: (202) 535-2180
Food Safety Email Email:   [email protected]

Grants Funding Phone Number: (202) 442-8983
Grants Funding Fax Number: (202) 442-4795
Grants Funding Email Address: [email protected]

College Internship Contact: (202) 442-5849
College Internship Fax Number:     (202)  442-4808
College Internship Email Address: [email protected]

Certificate of Need Phone Number: (202) 442-5875
Certificate of Need Fax Number:     (202) 442-4833

Rodent and Animal Control
Animal Services Program Main: (202) 535-2323
Animal Services Program Fax: (202) 442-8117
Rodent Control Division: (202) 535-1954
DC Animal Care and Control: (202) 576-6664

Mom Baby: 1-800-MOM-BABY
Women, Infant and Children (WIC) Help Desk: 1-800-345-1WIC

The best DC Dept of Health phone number to get to the front of the line is 202-576-1117.

Vaccine Appointment in DC

In order to schedule a vaccine appointment in the state of District of Columbia please click here.

DC Vaccine Registry

Access your DC Vaccine Registry and personal vaccine information by clicking here.

DC Dept of Health Address

DC Dept of Health address for you to send any official mail, documents, complaints, inquiries, and forms is:

Agency: District of Columbia State Department of Health (HHS Washington DC)
717 14th St NW
DC 20005

DC Dept of Health Fax Number

DC Dept of Health fax number to send official fax messages, documents, complaints, inquiries, and forms is (202) 442-9431.

DC Dept of Health Website

DC Dept of Health website, for state health news & updates, public meetings summaries, and additional public health information can be accessed by clicking here.

What does DC Dept of Health do?

Watch this video to discover what does DC Dept of Health do, daily tasks, executive team & directors’ activities, public health publications, and more.

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